Bime aromatike Borzilok 'Aristotel' v10

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The flavouring plant that washes away sadness, a.k.a Basil, can now be in your garden, balcony or terrace. The Queen plant in summer, while in winter you can use its dried leaves. Inseparable part of the traditional dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, rich in valuable vitamins and minerals with an endless magic, it is a powerful antioxidant capable of protecting your body from ageing by helping our cells to fight free radicals. With its special fresh and therapeutic aroma it will allow you enjoy light meals that you shall never forget. It is suggested to be used for tomato pasta, yoghurt sauce, bruschetes, pizza, seafood, pesto and ice- cream and different desserts. Make The scent of basil it part of your environment
Technical specification
  • Terrain: It prefers dry soil, warmer and good drained
  • Temperature: In winter minimum temperature is 18 degrees, while ideal one is 24 to 27 degrees.
  • Scientific name: Ocimum basilicum
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