Flange 6 " PN 10 steel 8 holes (DN 150) for weld

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Flanges is a disk or ring which is placed at the ends of the pipe to make the connection between the tube and different fittings, to reinforce the connection between the tube and fittings. Flanges usually are welded or tighten at the end of the tube with forcing bolts. Also a gasket is placed between connections to block any possible leakage and to ensure complete isolation. There is also another type of flange, which is called the blind flange. With this type of flange it is accomplished the closure of the line and it is placed at the end line of the system. In order to realize the closure of the sistem and the connection of the Blind Flange to the pipe, it is used another fitting which is also connected with the edge of the pipe, which it can be a Flange Adaptor
Technical specification
  • Pressure: 10 bar
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Size: 6 "(150mm)
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