Multifunctional coupling (multi-joint) DN 40 mm PN 16

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Multifunctional coupling DN 40 mm. This coupler is the fitting more usable in the water supply lines, industrial water lines etc ,. Connector serves to connect polyethylene pipe with other fittings systems such as valves, non return-valve, filter etc. This faucet can also be used as dismantling joint in connecting parts of the system to make it easier intervention in case of repairs. In the pipe joining is a rubber which prevents the flow of water by tightly polyethylene pipe, on the other side of the system joining the fittings done by lifting the flange. Built with cast iron body and painting with baking for more durability against weathering. High pressure resistant up to 16 Bar.
Technical specification
  • Size: 40 mm
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Pressure: 16 Bar
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