Super impact socket, BENMAN, 1/2" , 21x85 mm

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1/2 in. drive deep impact deep sockets are forged from chrome molibdenium alloy steel (Cr-Mo) and designed to withstand rigors of heavy duty auto and industrial use. Size markings have been hard stamped into the sockets for quick and easy identification that will never wear away. This impact socket is perfect for both the professional mechanic's or the DIYer's garage. Designed for use with impact drive tools 6-point deep length impact sockets Oiled, black oxide finish for maximum corrosion resistance Pin hole at the base of each socket for use with pin and O-ring for a secure attachment to drive tools Forged from Chrome Molibdenium Alloy Steel (Cr-Mo) for its strength under the pressures of impact use and wear resistances Chamfered lead-ins help to provide fast and easy placement onto drive tools and fasteners Sockets feature off corner loading to help prevent the rounding of fasteners Shallow broach design on deep sockets prevents fasteners from getting lodged deep in the socket Large hard stamped size markings allow for easy identification
Technical specification
  • Material: Chrome-Molibdenium
  • Size: 21x85mm
  • Measures: 21x85 mm
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